"I had a great time, like always!!! You're a hell of a photographer and you definitely have the personality to make these an addictive habit"   Jodi L

"The girls and I had SO much fun. Thank you for everything!!!  We honestly had a blast and we are in LOVE with these photos! And know that you made us feel completely comfortable and respected throughout the entire session. You have a wonderful artistic eye and we were all so beyond pleased!"  Kayla S

"I just had mine done yesterday, ABSOLUTELY would recommend! He was so professional! We had the absolute best time doing our shoots!! We were absolutely comfortable with him! Pictures aren’t even edited yet and I’m already so in love with them!" Sadie M

"I’ve never pictured myself as a sexy women but I definitely feel it through these photos" Kira O

"All women should do a session, even if no one else sees them. They will have a whole new confidence in themselves!"  Desiree Q

"Thank you Derald I appreciate it so much! I was so  nervous and you made me so comfortable in my skin again.  They’re
absolutely stunning! I love them thank you so much!" Victoria S

"What an incredible feeling. I had a great time shooting! I love them, they look awesome! YOU made my day!"  Marti J

" Derald made me feel the confidence I thought I had lost. Even if this is just for you; it needs to be done. The feeling and the words you tell yourself will vanish! You will be a model on cloud 9. NO LIE!!! I rarely put makeup on and Derald was so patient with me and figuring out what was classy not trashy. Most of all he makes you feel so powerful just the way you are!!! When I seen his amazing work with a breast cancer survivor and her scars; I knew I had to do a session. She was beautiful and so is every women!!!! " Amanda C

"Holy shit!.  WOW. Ok these are....Badass"   Mary H
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