Preparing for your boudoir session

Give Your Feet and Hands Some Love.
Your hands and feet will be visible in most of your boudoir shots, so it’s important to get them camera ready. Consider pampering yourself with a mani-pedi a few days before your photo shoot date.  Exfoliate those problem patches and moisturize several days in advance.    
What’s the best polish shade to use? One that matches with all your lingerie outfits. Using the same color on your fingernails and toenails is always a timeless look.
If you want a bolder look a classic red tone adds a fierce and timeless touch to your overall boudoir look.
Want a more muted polish color that goes with everything? Choose one that’s light pink, beige, clear or slightly tinted, or get a French manicure.
Make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean; they will show in some of your photos.

Pamper Your Skin.
Drink lots of water leading up to your photo shoot and stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin.
Wear your comfiest loose, baggy clothes to the studio. Otherwise, your bra, panty, and socks can leave weird lines on your skin.
Shave your legs, underarms, and bikini area the night before or morning of your session. If you wax, please do so at least 3-5 days before your shoot to reduce redness.
Avoid lip gloss, oil-based and glitter makeup to reduce the potential for excessive shine and hot spots on your skin from the studio lights. 

If you Tan.
All skin tones are beautiful! Tanning is not required for mind blowing boudoir photos. It’s all about personal preference and whatever makes you feel fantastic!
Consider tanning completely nude or using sun screen up to two weeks before your session to eliminate heavy tan lines.

Liven up your Sexy Hair.
Get your hair trimmed, toned and touched up. Don’t let those stray greys storm on your photo session. If you’re coloring your hair, stick to a color that you know you’ll love! You want to feel like yourself throughout your photoshoot so keep this in mind when visiting the hair salon.
If you have stubborn hair that does not hold curls or volume, you can wash your hair one full day before your photoshoot. Use volumizing shampoo. If it is really stubborn, you can actually use volumizing mousse when blow drying your hair. Do not use any other products before arriving at the studio to avoid a greasy or flaky look.

Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Shoot.
What sort of makeup looks best when you’re wearing lingerie…or perhaps a bit less? For the vast majority of our clients we recommend a natural or nude look. For lingerie and nude shoots, too much makeup can overpower the image and detract from its artistic quality, so less is more.
There are exceptions, of course. If you’re going for a forties-style pin-up girl look, break out that bright red lipstick.  For our clients who are doing “alternative modeling” such as Suicide Girls, that edgy, tattooed and pierced look goes well with dramatic smokey eyes or unconventional makeup.
Avoid makeups that are oil based and using a little bit of powder can help reduce reflection from the lights and lessen hotspots.

Get Your Lingerie Camera-Ready.
Check your outfits for tags and cut them off. You don’t want them to show in your photos.
Keep your lingerie wrinkle-free by bringing every outfit on its own hanger or loosely folded in a bag.

Most Importantly Relax....
It is important that you are comfortable.  Boudoir is a very empowering and confidence building experience.  Those initial jitters you feel at the beginning will quickly fade away.  Always feel free to step outside of your comfort zone to experiment and explore that side of you that you didn’t know you had.    Boudoir can be soft, sweet, sensual, sexy, playful, pensive, mysterious, fantasy, dramatic, intense or really, all of the above. It uses light to accentuate curves, and props and atmosphere to create a mood. It is an expression of one's inner self: a self that most people don't get to see, but a self that wants to be heard.  
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